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is focused on the development of functional products fortified with nutrients that contribute to a healthy lifestyle: saturate the body with proteins, beneficial lactobacillus and vitamins.

How do we do this?

Where are we located?

Products under the EXPONENTA brand are produced at the Goretsky Food Factory (Gorki, Mogilev Oblast, Republic of Belarus).
This innovative production site was founded in 2013
and equipped with modern facilities. The latest sophisticated developments in the dairy industry are introduced and applied here.

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How to find us

Goretsky Food Factory is located in the Mogilev Oblast, 80 km from Mogilev, in the town of Gorki

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EXPONENTA Production stages
EXPONENTA Production stages

EXPONENTA Production stages

Milk comes from various dairy farms in Belarus. Fertile soils of our country provide nutritious grasses for cows that produce high-quality, protein-rich milk.

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EXPONENTA Production stages

Raw milk quality control

Incoming milk is tested for quality standards, protein and fat content.
Samples taken are strictly monitored for compliance with numerous quality parameters.
Modern laboratory equipment allows for accurate and efficient analysis of incoming raw milk.
Only 100% safe and clean milk comes for processing.

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EXPONENTA Production stages

Milk whey treatment and purification

Raw milk is clotted during production. The resulting protein clot is cut to obtain curd and milk whey.

The whey undergoes a multistage purification process: on a shaker, clarifier, cream separator, followed by pasteurization of the purified skimmed whey.

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EXPONENTA Production stages

Ultrafiltration process

Whey proteins are separated from milk whey as concentrate (WPC — whey protein concentrate) by ultrafiltration using modern, high-performance membrane equipment.

Ultrafiltration technology is a type of membrane technology for fractionation and concentration of polydisperse systems (milk, whey, juice, wine, beer, etc.), which allows working with food systems, preserving the native state of their components, processing and physiological properties.

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EXPONENTA Production stages

Microparticulation process

To ensure high consumer properties, WPC produced at the ultrafiltration unit undergoes microparticulation process. This process provides for formation of whey protein particles with sizes comparable to those of fat globules, which gives the protein product the organoleptic properties of cream.

After microparticulation, the prepared protein base undergoes a mandatory heat treatment process to guarantee the microbiological safety of the produced product.

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EXPONENTA Production stages

Lactobacillus fermentation, addition of natural flavorings and sweeteners

Whey proteins undergo lactobacillus fermentation (i.e. ripening) process. Once the ripening process is complete, the resulting base is actually a finished product (e.g. for EXPONENTA HIGH-PRO natural flavor), but to give the product its typical apple, strawberry or melon flavor, appropriate natural flavoring and zero calorie sweeteners (stevia, sucralose) are added to the base.

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EXPONENTA Production stages

Refrigeration and bottling of finished products

Refrigeration and bottling of finished products EXPONENTA HIGH-РRО is bottled on TREPKO filling machine. The hourly output is 5.000 cups. ЕХРОNЕNТА IMMUNO SHOT is bottled on INDEX 6 filling line. The hourly output is 3.000 bottles. The process involves 3 employees: 2 operators and 1 stacker/packer.

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EXPONENTA Production stages

Quality control of finished products

After the production of each batch, control samples are taken and stored throughout the entire shelf life. The company operates HACCP food safety system, and has also implemented an internal algorithm for prompt response to consumer appeals on the quality of our products.

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EXPONENTA Production stagesa

Clear logistics

Batches of finished products, after obtaining quality and safety certificate, following the next laboratory control are sent to the logistics center. Products are loaded into refrigerated trucks and delivered to the sales branches and supermarket chains at temperatures between +2°C and +6°C.

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Convenient cup

For EXPONENTA HIGH-PRO a convenient, ergonomic cup was selected to guarantee consumer safety and product quality.

The cup has a capacity of 250 g of beverage, which is an optimal single protein serving for an adult.

Protective lid

A handy and airtight lid allows to close a half-cup and to preserve the product in case of need. This is especially important when traveling in the car or taking a walk.

Handy bottom

EXPONENTA HIGH-PRO cup has an optimum bottom diameter (up to 50 mm). This makes it easy to hold a drink in your hand, store it in the fridge door or put it in a cup holder in the car.

Drinking hole

The main feature of our packaging is double-layer sealing lid (sealing cap). After the foil portion is open, a matte membrane remains on the cup with a teardrop-shaped opening for comfortable drinking. Enjoy your favorite drink on the go without spilling a drop!

Cardboard box

Cardboard shipping package guarantees the safety of product delivery to retail outlets.

The corrugated cardboard box is divided into 12 segments, so each EXPONENTA HIGH-PRO cup stands in its own secure “house”. This allows the product to be shipped safe and sound.


This is world-famous prestigious marketing award, which recognizes the main achievement in marketing and advertising communications — efficiency.

Девушка с упаковской


Handy bottle

EXPONENTA IMUNO+ is packed in a small bottle containing 100 g of drink. Neat foil sealing lid ensures that the neck remains sterile after opening.

A healthy “shot” with 12 grams of protein,
lactobacillus and vitamins is a great addition
to both a snack and main meal.

Family format

We pack EXPONENTA IMUNO+ in cardboard multipacks of 6 bottles of the same flavor each.

This is convenient and practical, especially for a large family!


Corrugated cardboard shipping box holds 3 EXPONENTA IMUNO+ multipacks, that is a total of 18 bottles. This allows the product to be delivered to the retail outlet with the utmost care.

In-house production

Every bottle for EXPONENTA IMUNO+ is produced by us.
Automatic packaging line has been installed at the enterprise,
on which bottles are blown out of plastic pellets in sterile conditions,
filled with drink, covered with a label,
closed with foil and grouped into multipacks.

Our team

Every EXPONENTA employee feels passionate about their work.
This special attitude to work inspires to create a unique product in its kind!

  • Злобин Виталий Геннадьевич
    Vitaly Gennadyevich ZlobinDirector
  • Глушаков Михаил Александрович
    Mikhail Alexandrovich GlushakovDeputy Director for Modernization
    and Development
  • Киршанков Александр Олегович
    Alexander Olegovich Kirshankov Production Manager
  • Фирсова Екатерина Юрьевна
    Ekaterina Yuryevna FirsovaLeading Manufacturing Engineer
  • Мартинкевич Константин Витальевич
    Konstantin Vitalievich MartinkevichLeading Manufacturing Engineer
  • Аврамов Дмитрий Александрович
    Dmitry Alexandrovich AvramovChemical Engineer
  • EXPONENTA products reflect a new era in the food industry development: rapidly gaining momentum of “healthy” functional food — Smart Food.

  • Павловский Николай Юрьевич
    Nikolay Yurievich PavlovskyFood Production Line Operator
  • Круглова Анна Борисовна
    Anna Borisovna Kruglova5th grade Warehouse Keeper
  • Лукутина Ирина Александровна
    Irina Alexandrovna LukutinaLeading Sales Engineer
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What is our mission?

What is our mission

Make people more dynamic, active and
healthy by promoting a healthy lifestyle culture.

Production - Exponenta
Production - Exponenta